About us

Bringing world class planning solutions, to your complex planning puzzle. Using proven solutions and concepts in every aspect of the project life cycle, we help digitalize and accelerate supply chains. Collaborating with us throughout analysis, implementation and aftercare, you can optimize your business processes and results in a sustainable way.

Our key areas

Network Optimisation

Considering what-if questions and understanding the strategic impact of decisions is crucial to maintaining a healthy business. We help streamline the entire supply chain and bring goods and services to the market in the most efficient way.

Forecast & replenishment

Accurately predict demand by using advanced analytics to capture the impact of customer patterns and other demand drivers. You can minimize both inventory and out of stocks whilst diminishing the footprint of your company.

Sales & Operations Planning

S&OP helps you to close the gap between planning capacity and demand. With greater predictability and streamlined planning processes you will have a clear understanding of necessary actions to prevent future problems and direct the sales team to available capacities.


Determine what, where, when and how much you need to produce respecting all your constraints and priorities. Visualize bottlenecks in your production facility, warehouse and transportation network to create reliable plans that minimize overhead and manage your facility more optimal.

Arnhem 22 november 2022 - Supply Chain Company.

Aftercare & continuous improvement

Throughout a project we engage with you as a customer and understand your requirements and goals. However once the project is complete, we know you and your surroundings will continue to evolve. New opportunities arise and new situations need to be adapted too. We will continue to support you throughout this and unlock any future system enhancements that may become relevant to you and your future endeavors.

Our partners

State-of-the-art retail solution for demand planning & replenishment that improves efficiency through higher inventory availability and better merchandising decisions.
Low-code cloud platform for supply chain optimization that allows you to quickly tackle complex and broader planning puzzles.
Integrated demand and supply chain planning software that can be used to visualize and simplify the entire manufacturing planning process.
Arnhem 22 november 2022 - Supply Chain Company.

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