Angela Melody Wilson

Senior Business Consultant

I am a visual learner and tend to spot patterns quite easily. My favourite part of working at SCC is analysing new processes and depicting these patterns, boxes and graphs to give others a clear overview for decision making.
"Asking the right questions is more valuable than having all the right answers"

I’m Angela, and work as the lead of our Danish branch and as a project and business consultant at Supply Chain Company. I was born in Australia and moved to Denmark as a teenager with my family.

I have a super fluffy cat named after Dwayne Johnson, I guess due to his size and my passion for fitness and training. Holidays are usually spent on some kind of active adventure, and I rarely say no to a challenge to see how far the human body can be pushed. I recently joined a 6 hour extreme OCR race that not only pushed my physical limits on land and in icy water, but also had me eating live cockroaches. Sticking to the theme of “extremes” – when I am not lifting weights I like to sew, knit and crochet toys and clothing. This involves following patterns, which is not so dissimilar to what I also do at work.

I really enjoy translating complex business issues into a structure that is clear, and possible to map into system solutions and streamlined business processes. A lot of projects are initiated because the business is stuck using multiple overlapping excel sheets, legacy systems or excessive update meetings. “Finding the head and tail” is a Danish expression used in this situation – finding where the process starts and ends, and all the bits in between, is the most fun part. This requires building a relation with the people involved in the process, to understand how to ask the right questions, and find the steps that are vital but perhaps hidden from plain sight.

Arnhem 22 november 2022 - Supply Chain Company.

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