Harm van der Weijden

Solution Consultant

I have experienced first-hand the limitations to planning in ERP systems. Many people revert to Excel or a BI tool because their system lacks a clear and consolidated resource capacity overview. By using Optimity, multilevel planning is made simple.
“My goal is always to make sure that the customer gets back in control of what they are doing”

I used to be a planner for a sonic drill rig assembly and maintenance business. By improving the planning processes and enhancing the ERP implementation, we were able to change from an engineer-to-order to assemble-to-order strategy. A key objective for me was to let the system do more of the work. This triggered my desire to move more into improving systems, and I became a consultant implementing ERP, where I mainly focussed on production and supply chain implementations and improvement projects.

Starting at SCC was a natural next step, as I really like to get in contact with the customer and dive even deeper into their planning and supply chain processes. My goal is always to make sure that the customer gets back in control of what they are doing. From that point, they will be able to make better business decisions. 

Besides optimising supply chains, I really like to create things or do renovations around the house. I actually own a shop together with a friend where we repair and service cars. But he’s the real mechanic, I just like to get my hands dirty.

However, nothing beats a Sunday morning when I go mountain biking to clear my head and see the seasons turn by during the year.

Arnhem 22 november 2022 - Supply Chain Company.

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