Poul Rosenberg

Solutions consultant

I am a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, and a Bachelor in Physics and Nanotechnology from the technical university of Denmark. Perhaps some would say I fit quite well within the category “nerd” – but that is just one side of me.
"I do believe that I will never stop learning"

I like solving problems, and at SCC have really come across some interesting ones that have required critical thinking and a bunch creativity. I find it is easy to get my colleagues involved, which not only makes it more fun, but also provides multiple angles to a solution.

My days are otherwise often filled with various hobbies including sports, composing and producing music, playing video games, and programming apps that nobody ever asked for. For instance, I have once made a webapp that performs a numerical simulation on cooling down a liquid, in order to calculate how long time a beer needs to be put in a freezer for it to reach a specific temperature.

When it comes to sports, I follow the Danish and European football, and the UFC. It has been a while since I did any of those kinds of sports myself, however I do exercise at my local gym as often as I can. I have a certificate to remote pilot a drone, from which I enjoy capturing nature landscapes. Furthermore, I play video games in between all the other mentioned activities.

I can freestyle rap, and I was once persuaded to take part in the Danish championship in freestyle rap battle. I was then miraculously invited to join the finals, but I declined as I was only participating for the fun of it. Also for my height, I am pretty good at doing the limbo.

For me it is feels good to be in a place where I can apply the skills that I have acquired throughout university, and to be able to learn more about industry related topics. The people around me appreciate my somewhat peculiar hobbies, and often inspire new ideas. I do believe that I will never stop learning.

Arnhem 22 november 2022 - Supply Chain Company.

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