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For those that are looking for a more complex challenge.
Arnhem 22 november 2022 - Supply Chain Company.
“Getting to the core of a customer's planning complexity helps us define what delivers value”

More Optimal enables us to solve almost any supply chain planning challenge – whether it be a vessel line-up or a complex production line. Serving a large range of industries in the field of manufacturing, logistics, shipping, workforce and warehousing, on different planning horizons: any planning challenge can be solved. This requires and offers great intellectual challenge which we cherish! Getting to the core of a customer’s planning complexity helps us define what delivers value. We use this to design and ultimately realize a state of the art cloud based solution using built-in AI and optimization technology. This is what drives us.

This type of project will take you through a range of different roles. We are highly involved in the pre-sales process, creating demo’s and identifying business potential. After process mapping at the customer we, as solution architects draw up the full design including data flow, customization requirements and business process changes. More Optimal is a highly customizable low- code platform, in which we build the solution using techniques like Java Script and implement optimization algorithms in order to unlock the business value at the customer. We then deliver guidance and educate the customer on the value of such a system and on how to operate it.

In the More Optimal team complexity is our middle name. We love to use each others brainpower to solve complex challenges and make a real impact on the customer’s business.

Arnhem 22 november 2022 - Supply Chain Company.

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