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Supply Chain Company opens offices in Spain and UK
Rising demand for planning solutions drives international growth of Dutch IT service provider The Dutch IT service provider Supply
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SCC Malaga team welcomes new employees
Earlier this year, Supply Chain Company’s Spanish office was set up. Under the leadership of Sander Mullink the Malaga
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Santiago Redondo joins Supply Chain Company
Supply Chain Company welcomes Santiago Redondo as a junior Supply Chain/IT Consultant.  Santiago studied at Universidad Nacional del Litoral
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Siamak Moradi new consultant Supply Chain Company 
Siamak Moradi has started a new role as senior business consultant at Supply Chain Company in Auckland, New Zealand.
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We are expanding to Spain
We are setting up a software configuration center in Malaga Tech Park
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RELEX Solutions acquires Optimity
RELEX enhances its supply chain planning capabilities with Optimity
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Arnhem 22 november 2022 - Supply Chain Company.

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