Our Expertise

Supply Chain Planning

What if my organisation invests in a new infrastructure closer to a major supplier? What if we outsource warehousing? Answering what-if questions correctly is the key to success in business. To answer these questions, you need visibility to understand the impact of every business decision.

We can assist you in performing strategic planning models and make informed decisions regarding major activities such as plant or capital investments and divestments, portfolio management, inventory and outsourcing.

Sales & Operations Planning

Demand Planning is all about prediction: the planning of future demands. Aligning sales and demand according to capacity what is Sales & Operations Planning about. It ensures greater predictability and the opportunity to streamline the planning processes. You will be able to meet customer needs more effectively, have a clear understanding of the necessary actions to prevent future problems and you are able to clearly direct the sales force to sell available capacities.

We integrate the Sales & Operations Planning process into the full breadth of your business. Together, we closely look at the possibilities, limitations and costs within your supply chain.  

Production Planning

By implementing an effective planning and scheduling system, overhead costs and waste can be reduced through better time, resource and capacity management. Production planning is the process of modelling available capacity and utilizing resources in the best possible way to meet the demand.  

We provide a structured approach for implementing master planning and scheduling production processes and improve the reliability of order handling procedures. 

Advanced analytics allows you to deepen your understanding of your business and the supply chain you are operating in. There are opportunities and risks hidden in your data that provides insights about your customers' demands, efficiency etc.

We will help you to turn the data overload into real information, and tighten Big Data to make it useful for decision making.